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Boost Your Online Business with FleetCart – The Ultimate Laravel Ecommerce System

Boost Your Online Business with FleetCart – The Ultimate Laravel Ecommerce System

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Boost Your Online Business with FleetCart – The Ultimate Laravel Ecommerce System


Boost Your Online Business with FleetCart – The Ultimate Laravel Ecommerce System
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FleetCart is an all-inclusive E-Commerce system designed to help you easily kickstart your online business. With its powerful admin panel, you can effortlessly manage products, categories, coupons, orders, pages, and more. The system is highly optimized to provide customers with the best purchasing experience while also being protected against various security attacks.

The latest update, version 3.1.0, was released on 4 May 2023 and includes various improvements and additions. The system is built on Laravel 9.52.4 and requires PHP version 8.0.28. To see a demo of the website, you can visit the demo website at https://fleetcart.envaysoft.com.

For admin login, you can access it through the URL: https://fleetcart.envaysoft.com/admin with the email: admin@email.com and password: 123456. Similarly, for user login, you can use the URL: https://fleetcart.envaysoft.com/login with the same email and password.

Some notable features of FleetCart include 12 theme colors for the storefront, support for digital and downloadable products, bulk product import, SMS module, flash sales, newsletter subscription, product brands, product tags, SCA and 3D secure integration, advanced search suggestions, rich snippets, and a beautiful and powerful admin panel.

In addition, FleetCart supports multiple locales, multiple countries, multiple currencies, and offers third-party integration for updating currency rates. You can also customize your homepage and search options, integrate with Algolia Search Engine, manage product options and attributes, apply advanced product filtering, enable guest checkout, and access sales analytics charts.

Furthermore, FleetCart provides features like search logs, advanced system reports, custom static pages, scheduled special product pricing, configurable tax settings based on country, state, city, and zip code, minimum amount for free shipping, file manager with drag and drop file uploader, custom CSS/JS, custom 404 page, SEO optimization, maintenance mode, and much more.

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Here’s the change log for some of the recent versions:
– Version 3.1.0 (4 May 2023): Added Mercadopago payment gateway, ability to set product limits for homepage sections, display order ID on the order details page, and display bank details on the invoice and order page.
– Version 3.0.1 (11 April 2023): Added honeypot to prevent spam bots, Flutterwave payment gateway, and fixed various issues related to demo data compatibility, bulk product import, billing address, and shipping address.
– Version 3.0.0 (11 Mar 2023): Updated to Laravel 9, added support for PHP 8.0.28, updated Vue.js to its latest version, and made other necessary changes. Support for PHP 7.x was dropped.

These are just a few highlights, and FleetCart offers even more features and improvements. Stay up to date with the latest versions to make the most of your E-Commerce business.




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