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Introducing SalesKing: Your Ultimate WooCommerce Plugin for Unbeatable Sales Teams, Agents, and Reps

Introducing SalesKing: Your Ultimate WooCommerce Plugin for Unbeatable Sales Teams, Agents, and Reps

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Introducing SalesKing: Your Ultimate WooCommerce Plugin for Unbeatable Sales Teams, Agents, and Reps


Introducing SalesKing: Your Ultimate WooCommerce Plugin for Unbeatable Sales Teams, Agents, and Reps
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Featured Author: SalesKing – The Top Plugin for Managing Sales Agents and Reps in WooCommerce

SalesKing is a comprehensive solution designed to efficiently manage sales teams, agents, or reps in any WooCommerce store. While some users may question its high price, and others may have support expiring, we encourage you to reach out to us for detailed answers, information, and current offers.

SalesKing handles everything for you, automatically setting up a robust agent dashboard for each of your agents. This dashboard allows them to take charge of managing customers, orders, coupons, affiliate links, sharable carts, as well as sending messages, adding subagents, and checking their earnings and payouts.

On the admin side, you have the power to set up complex commission structures that determine how much agents earn. You can also promote agents across groups, send out payouts, publish announcements, and much more.

For any pre-sales or support questions, please contact our support team by submitting a ticket on our website. We strive to respond promptly to your inquiries.

If you require guidance on plugin setup and documentation, please refer to our plugin setup guide for detailed information and instructions.

You can explore the plugin’s functionality through our live demo, accessible from both the admin and frontend. Visit https://demosk.wpbay.co/wp-admin/ to access the full demo.

SalesKing boasts dozens of features, delivering incredible value to users. It is a user-friendly yet potent plugin, arguably one of the most feature-rich agents plugins available. Additionally, SalesKing is adaptable and modular, allowing the optional disabling of nearly all features.

While SalesKing offers numerous functions, here is a brief summary of its main features:

1. Agent Dashboard with Login: Agents have a dedicated area where they can access various panels to manage their tasks and activities efficiently.

2. Agents Shop and Place Orders for Customers: Agents can conveniently browse and purchase products on behalf of customers.

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3. Agents Earn Commissions: The plugin offers an advanced commission structure, allowing fixed or percentage commissions based on specific criteria such as the customer, agent, or product. It also supports conditional commissions, such as earning on the first 10 orders from a customer.

4. Announcements for Publishing Information: Admins can publish announcements to share important news and updates with agents. These announcements can be categorized or targeted to specific groups of agents.

5. Messaging System for Queries and Communication: Both admins and agents can easily communicate via the plugin’s messaging system. Messages can be received via email based on the user’s settings.

6. Powerful Admin Backend with Insights: Admins have access to a comprehensive backend that provides insights into agents’ activities, earnings, and more.

7. Agents can Negotiate, Offer Discounts, and Edit Prices: Agents have the flexibility to negotiate prices, offer discounts, and adjust prices within predefined limits. This feature allows for personalized customer interactions and provides incentives for agents.

8. Agents can Create and Share Coupons: Agents can generate and manage coupons for customers. To encourage agents’ efforts, they earn commissions whenever these coupons are used.

9. Affiliate Links for Registration, Shopping, and Products: Agents can share affiliate links for customer registration, shopping, and specific products. When customers use these links, they are assigned to the respective agent, and orders and commissions are attributed accordingly.

10. Earnings and Payouts System: The plugin offers comprehensive tracking and reporting of agent earnings and payouts. Agents can view their earnings, and admin can configure and send payouts while maintaining a payout history.

11. Subagents (Teams): Agents can recruit subagents and earn commissions based on their subagents’ sales. Admins can view and manage the subagents’ information.

12. Flexible Group Configurations: Admins can organize agents into groups and define specific options, commission plans, and announcement visibility based on group settings. Group changes can be automated, triggered by predefined thresholds.

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13. Shop as Customer Functionality: Agents can switch to a customer’s account and add items to their cart. They can choose to pay immediately or use the “Pending Payment” gateway option, allowing customers to receive an email notification with a payment link.

14. Price Negotiation and Edit Prices in Cart: Agents can negotiate prices and offer discounts to customers within the predefined maximum discount percentage. Additionally, agents can increase prices, providing them with higher commissions on sales.

15. Sales Reps as Order Managers: You have the option to disable the earnings module, allowing agents to solely act as order managers. They can access and manage orders assigned to them, mark them as complete, and perform other order-related tasks.

16. Complex Commission Structures: SalesKing supports various commission rules, allowing fixed amounts and percentages to be combined. These rules can apply globally, per order, by category, or tag. Commission conditions can be set based on the customer, agent, order placement, or registration duration.

SalesKing provides a powerful agent management solution for WooCommerce stores, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication between agents and customers. With its vast array of features, SalesKing offers immense value and versatility.




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